Dave and Sharon

Based in Boulder, CO, Dave and Sharon have been conducting paranormal investigations, in one form or another, for a combined 20 years. We have investigated private homes, museums, prisons, public spaces and cemeteries in six states, both as a pair and in conjuction with other groups. We have also participated in ‘ghost hunting’ classes.

Regarding the collection of evidence: our basic methodology is more or less standard in the field. We interview the site host regarding ownership and history of the location, the claims made of paranormal activity – duration, corrorboration, timelines, external publicity – with neither a skeptical nor validating bias . We make no assumptions about validity of claims nor their sources – we do assume our presence has been prompted by a genuine request for assistance or advice. We believe in conducting investigations respectful of the property and the owners, gathering and evaluating evidence carefully.

We do not pursue this hobby in order to gain publicity or recognition for ourselves or our group.

Please feel free to visit our Equipment Page for more details on the equipment we use, and feel free to visit this page frequently, as we are updating our tools regularly.

Regarding the use of mediums on investigations – as a result of personal circumstance (Dave and Sharon are both widowed from previous marriages), we have spent considerable time consulting with and sitting for mediums. Our view of mediumship is one of skepticism but not uniform disbelief. Self-professed mediums or ‘sensitives’ can be a valuable tool in the course of paranormal investigations, if their contributions can be validated against recordable evidence and biases effectively filtered out in the evidence evaluation process.

We frequently conduct investigations with other paranormal groups, as we believe that a sharing of methodologies and viewpoints on the paranormal only makes the field better  and more disciplined.  Our views on ghosts, spirits, the afterlife and so on are complex and continually evolving.

Our primary intent, like many other honest investigators in this field, is to take an openminded but careful approach to investigations, and treat people and locations with respect and dignity.

Please contact us if you are interested in consuilting with us, having us investigate your residence or other property, or just wish to share notes on methodologies, locations or equipment.


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  1. Tom Taylor says:

    I have been experiencing spirit activity. I live in the florrisant Co area. Could you send me an email on if this area has alot of activity? Do you do investigations down here?
    Thank You, Tom

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