Chad Calek

Chad Calek

Chad Calek may best known as co-producer and frequent on-screen contributor to Paranormal State, Ryan Buell’s reality TV series which went off the air a couple of years ago. He’s also produced a number of paranormal films on his own, and this one, entitled A Blood Red Sky, is his latest. The guy is evidently a bit of a celebrity and fearless veteran amongst the ghost-hunting cognoscenti – we wouldn’t know about that, but we do recall him being one of the TV program’s better and more exacting investigators.

Touring the US this summer, the film also includes the ostensibly validating presence of former Most Haunted contributor Dr Ciaran O’Keefe,  undoubtedly relieved not to have endure silly fake psychics and tilty tables, although the trailer only hints at what he’s there to observe and comment on.

The film’s website is an orgy of OMG! reviews culled from Twitter and Facebook, and it certainly seems to promise a paradigm-shaking experience, but frankly, based on the trailer, we’re not exactly sure what the film’s supposed to be about. We’ll leave it up to you. We may go see the thing, although it comes through the Denver area just a few days before our planned trip back to England, and if we can get any advance press on it, we’ll be sure to share. And if you’ve seen the film, feel free to share your feeling about it in Comments or start a post on the forums.

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4 Responses to A Blood Red Sky

  1. Steve says:

    This movie sucked on so many levels. All 146 minutes of it. If it wasn’t for the lame hypnotic cut in with the audience strobing, follow the red dot , frequency reinforcement whilst graphic images & words were flashed onscreen, I would have fallen asleep. It will never make cable without some heavy cuts.

  2. Wendy says:

    I LOVED this film!!! I love how raw and intense it is! Chad is amazing and the facts are undeniable. It gives u a good perspective on how we all live day to day. Positive outlook = positive results, constant negativity only results in not so good things. I HIGHLY Reccomend you to see this!!! What was even more awesome was getting to meet the cast and give chad a great big hug. He truly inspires me!

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  4. Rona says:

    It sucked, just watched it 2-12-21. There were a few noises that seemed paranormal, but Chad’s “movie” in the movie was gross and took away from the investigation. His fucking around with Joe and drugs pissed me off. I thought for sure it’d end in murder. Chad seems to think everything is funny. I’ll pass on any of his other movies.

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