Well, sort of. The founder of the Paranormal Research Society, Ryan Buell, has decided he didn’t really want to do the show anymore. Well…fair enough.

We certainly had our quibbles with the show; its obsession with families-in-crisis, a rather acute dearth of decent evidence, too-short episodes, the antics of Michele Belanger and the truly dire Lorraine Warren, and not the least of whom Chip Coffey,  who obviously cashed in to host Psychic Kids, that ghastly series featuring usually confused and/or lonely kids who insisted they could see dead people – again, without anything resembling evidence. And Buell’s fascination/obsession with demonia – something that few paranormal investigators really place much stock in, and which (in our view) threatens to drag the whole field of paranormal investigation deep into storybook exploitation.

We’ll give Buell credit for doing his thing his  way, which is as much or more than I can say for the depressingly scripted current incarnation of Ghost Hunters. We certainly hope A&E replaces it with something decent, and wish Buell well in his continued pursuits.

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29 Responses to Paranormal State cancelled

  1. TommyD says:

    During the five years, it was scary to watch the slow transformation of Buell, from a fresh-faced intelligent college kid into a dark and transitioned man. The darkness can be seen through his eyes, as this entire process has transformed him – but I don’t feel for the better. He looks so dark and evil now. Look at a photo from five years ago and compare it to today.
    The same with Katrina, who was young and fresh as well. Now she puts as much black makeup on her eyes as possible, a true reflection of her soul. It is scary to watch what has happened to these two people over the past five years. I hope they come back to us soon ..

  2. admin says:

    I would agree to some extent, but to be honest, we’ve always maintained a lot of skepticism about the group’s obsession with demons and “evil” spirits. It’s well outside our own investigatory experience, and outside our personal belief system. I would hope that the “darkness” that you perceive wasn’t the result of over-eager producers trying to sharpen that angle on their work. A couple of their members seemed like solid investigators to us, but the overbearing concentration on demons and satanic iconography just got to be too much for us.

  3. debbie says:

    This paranormal show was my favorite to be honest with you, but i must say i’ve been disappointed lately with the show, Lorraine Warren has been so off the mark, and chip coffy has been the best with rarely an appearence from him. Ryan has gotten really strange lately, with very few shows to watch. I wish him the best though,

  4. Lizz says:

    Paranormal State was a fraud show. I was sad to find theis out because I loved this show from day one. They were all paid to be fakes, even chip, which upset me.

  5. admin says:

    Why did you come to the conclusion it was a “fraud show”, Lizz? We have our problems with Chip Coffey, and we’re moderately skeptical of all the para-TV offerings to some extent, but why in particular do you think they were “paid to be fakes” ?

  6. Felicia says:

    Paranormal State used to be my favorite show in that genre. However, I agree that the longer the show aired, the more theatric Ryan became. I didn’t like the episodes with the “demons” because I found them to be hokey with a lack of credibility; especially the one with the girl in Illinois. Although the show drifted from its original roots, I still miss it and I wish that there had been more closure to the series. It wasn’t fair to have viewers wait for the next season to air and A&E not saying anything about the show being cancelled.

  7. Robin says:

    I’ve watched all the shows more than once, and the one episode, “When Darkness Falls” is the one in my opinion Ryan was very unfair to his co-workers. He went way to extreme in being mad at them for laughing at a comment he made which I thought was laughable. I laughed too. If he hadn’t been so close minded, or pig headed he would have seen why every one laughed. I hope he did go back and see that he owed his co-workers an apology for being so quick at getting mad at something he said that anyone would have laughed at. I also think the show would have done better if he had been more open-minded to what exactly happened to him as a child. How else are you going to get through a trauma when you don’t share what happened?? Come on Ryan, I love you but you gotta agree with me. I hate you got cancelled, but there are reasons I see why. You need counseling, or at least learn how to be more open minded as to what happened to you as a child, and your experience on the when darkness falls episode.

  8. RIck says:

    Paranormal state has no evidence! any evidence submitted has been faked, this has been made apparent from testimony of guests of the show!
    So why would anyone watch it? the show is hoakey! horribly cheesy. Worse then Ghost Hunters because at least that is entertaining PRS is BORING! Ghost Hunters is also a dinosaur waiting to die! horrible scripts! Ghost adventures at least submits tons of evidence with no script!… Im glad grant is leaving ghost hunters he seems to be the catalyst of the faked evidence and it just burns me up how he acts like an honest family man and hes just a lying dritbag at the end of the day.

  9. Greg says:

    Fake or not , there is alot of unexplained things that do go on.I will miss the show and I wish Ryan and the crew the best of luck.

  10. Karen says:

    I am really going to miss the show unlike everyone else I thought they were genuine and knew little bit more than some other shows out there of the same subjects but I do wish them well and I’m sad that they are just dropping off without notice. I hope Chip Coffey keeps up with his kids. I found nothing at all fake with him. I kind of liked his quirky fast talking personality. I have my DVR set to record his show whenever it’s on and will continue to do so.

  11. Missy says:

    I am very sad and upset that Paranormal State has been cancelled. It was and still is the best paranormal show on TV. I have a lot of respect for Ryan and his team. On their show they actually try to help people and also take the time to close doors that are opened, and also help the families afterward. All the other paranormal shows just go and upset the dead and try to get them to “perform” for them, etc, without any care as to the spirits future at all. Thanks Ryan and your team for being caring and REAL paranormal investigators. I will miss your show and you all terribly.

  12. Suzie says:

    Most people who have never had a real paranormal experience happen to them, are quick to judge the authenticity of other people’s experiences. I say, don’t comment or judge on something you know nothing about. I think Ryan and his crew do amazing things and the families they help are sure to think the same. For those whose are lucky enough to never have a REAL PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE happen to them, thank the lord for that, but for those whole have entities interfere with their lives and loved ones, I’m sure these people would give anything for the kind of help Ryan Buell gives. Thank you Ryan and crew for having the balls to take evil one like warriors.

  13. Rachel says:

    I have looked forward to each episode with all the team. I loved investgating the unexplained with them. I only hope to again see them in a future investigation. Not only did they try to get to bottem of a haunting, they always tried to help the familys involved. My hats off to Ryan,Lorraine,Chip and all the crew who put in the long hours. We were blessed to have you in our lives.

  14. Becky b says:

    Ryan Buell really seems to care about the people he and the crew try to help. They really seem sincere in what they do. I read that Ryan is having some serious health problems to deal with. I will keep you in my prayers Ryan, and pray for a full recovery. Good luck and God Bless!

  15. Becky b says:

    There was a comment made about how Ryann has changed and looks dark and evil or whatever, maybe this is due to his health and not his turning to the dark side. Take care Ryan. Love the show and will miss all of you.

  16. Sheila says:

    I read Ryan has pancreatic cancer. That’s a tough one. It’s a very aggressive cancer. Keep him in your thoughts.

  17. daniel boggs says:

    How can you peaple think ryen only thought the best for what he thought was best but allways the demons in the world are going to make it hard on all of us . dum assses.

  18. daniel boggs says:

    Ryen may the lord be with you in these times . i dont know whats going on with you. all holll be your name . Ryen . dude i ve seen alot in my life but dont give up on yours god bless you your freind dan

  19. nichole says:

    Im sad to see the show being done. It was the best paranormal show theyve had so far. The realist at least. And as for Ryan being the way he was to his friends in the episode “when Darkness Falls” he had every right to be this way. When you are dealing with things like this it is not a joke. And respect for the situation is a must. Im with you on that Ryan. I wish you the best, but would hope you would reconsider. It would be nice to have you back/

  20. Annie says:

    Sorry Paranormal State is off the air. Yes, it was dark but the reality is there is a dark side to the Paranormal. I love Ghost Hunters as well. I do not think they are fake. Since I’ve had paranormal experence myself, it has left me wondering what the heck is going on after death.
    I wish Ryan luck Annie

  21. kelly says:

    Ryan..Don’t know how to explain..Find someone who can channel the “blue light” to heal..It worked for my wife..It can and does work..

  22. kelly says:

    I check my mail daily…

  23. brindia says:

    Ryan, May God Bless You. I have enjoyed your show. My husband was also in the hospital in NC. He has made it thru a dyer situation. I prayed the whole time. I will pray for you. Lots of Blessings. Brin

  24. connie says:

    To Ryan…. Sorry you cancelled the show ..I heard you were sick and I pray for healing for you. Thank you for all your shows I learned a lot.. My dad’s house is haunted in Ohio so I wish your team could have helped me with that. I’ve seen an orb recently in my own home not sure what’s up with that. God bless you.

  25. danne says:

    Im disappointed about the show being cancelled, selfish of me. The reality is everyone has stuff that we go through and it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks. Ryan, I wish you and the whole team well. Prayers for your health.

    Thanks for the show.

  26. vanessa says:

    I’m so sad to hear about the show I wish Ryan the best of luck!! This was my FAVORITE show!!!! I hope some day soon he returns to do the show I believe he really helped people. And I think he is just so dang cute! Ryan I’ll pray for you!

  27. Jennifer lindstrom says:

    Dear prs im really sad your off the air too,watching reruns got them memorized(ha) but in my veiw these hauntings have all to do with the demonic if the souls are lost then why? Not because of God, thats for sure,you helped the living&the dead missya take care

  28. katelyn says:

    to ryan i hope you recover from your illness.I never once had second thoughts of your show being fake i have full faith that you all take your work very serious.Anyways get better soon so maybe you can come out with your own show :-)

  29. aaron says:

    Ryan I love you and your program. I believe in your work that have help so many in dealing with paranormal issues that effected their lives. Sorry to here about your illness. Drink plenty of berry and watermelon juices and eat almonds, macadamia Also take essiac. Read health reports from Gary Null. Cases of serious cancers going into remission with change of diet. My prayers are with you. Get better soon.

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