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If you would like like to contact us regarding a request for an investigation, advice or questions regarding evidence, methodology or joint investigations, please drop us a note to Inquiries.

Or you can send a note to Dave, who is functional site administrator, or Sharon.

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  1. Ryan McCone says:

    hi my name is ryan McCone i was wondering if i could get some help on some qustions i have my girlfriend has ben haveing some problems with seeing shadow people and haveing her name called but the thing is its not just her that hears her name being called her nephews and neices have ben hearing it to not to metion shes ben geting 3 scratches on her fac her neck her arms her legs pritty much everywhere i am verry concern you can contacted me on facebook my name is on facebook ryan petrowski i live in white lake wisconsin


  2. admin says:

    Hi Ryan – you can contact us at, and we’ll respond with some ideas for you and your girlfriend. Stay calm !

  3. Leo Ryan says:

    I was reading your commentary of Amy Allan and the “Dead Files”, it seems to me that she does a good job, and since I have heard of her and never heard of you that must mean she is outdoing you and your group. You sound a bit cynical, and possibly a bit jealous.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and for the free psych evaluation. In the future, please post your comments below the appropriate blog post, so that our community may better enjoy the benefit of your opinion. Or send an email.

  5. Hi Dave and Sharon,

    I am writing my third book called Forgotten Tales Of Colorado and was wondering if you would like me to put a tag in the book about your web site after the ghost legend about William Tull haunting Boulder Creek. I have also included information for Michelle Mayer, The Spiritchasers and some others you might know. I just like to help folks out. Thanks! Stephanie in Manitou Springs. P.S. Very nice website!

  6. Betty says:

    Do you know of a real Medium in South Louisiana? I am trying to find one to no avail. The only one I knew of was in Houma but moved to Alabama right after I found her..

  7. Timothy Madden says:

    Dear Amy

    My name is Timothy Madden i need your help ive been having lots of trouble with demons in my head i can see them and i can hear them. I can see red eyes at night in the dark and footsteps and scratches on the door. They are tormenting me please PLEASE help me.

    -Timothy Madden

  8. dear:steven and amy the Carlson home is having some problems.,my great nice Julie and her bother matt ages 11 and 9 years are seeing dead people and one little girl we had no choice but too put Julie in the hospital at dallas beverial heath center its bad. can u and amy come and take a look for them it would help them out so they can go back too for your time.

  9. Kathleen says:

    I was wondering if someone could contact me regarding my home … There is something very heavy and evil in this home … It has taken a life and has almost taken mine as well. Please, we need help. We have four children in this home and one of them tried to lure my four year old son out of a second story window… And that is one of dozens of events. Thank you.

  10. AJ Perez says:

    I have had numerous paranormal experiences in my life. I admire people who put effort into investigating the paranormal. If there is any ever need for volunteer work, please do not hesitate to email me. Very low drama.

  11. Eve Walters says:

    I need help please massage back

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