Another in our lengthy litany of biases about spirits and what they do, and in this case, where they do it.

We were somewhat amazed to read that they actually located the black box from that doomed Air France jet that crashed into the Atlantic in June, 2009. 228 souls lost. First, presumably, that they managed to retrieve something at such a depth (12,800′) , so long after the crash itself – almost two years. And maybe, that they were even still looking.

We are wedded, maybe for no good reason, to believe that spirits tend to continue to haunt the scene of the violent demise of their corporeal hosts. This is taken almost as a undisputed tenet amongst ghost hunters (our friends at Ghost Adventures sure do make a big deal of it), and certainly the popularity, and frankly the quality of the evidence, of places like Gettysburg, seem to lend some credibility to that notion. 

But who thinks about ghosts – violently dispatched souls – haunting the deep ocean at 12,800′?

OK…see where we’re going with this? If spirits are indeed prone to haunt these places, and are as unrestrained by physical laws of space and dimension as we presume them to be, who is qualified to dismiss the idea that there be spirits haunting the bottom of the  southwest Atlantic Ocean? Or, perhaps, even the waters between the surface and the seafloor?  

Seems to me, one cannot accept that basic premise and simultaneously dismiss this possibility. The idea of looking for them down there stretches the bounds of imagination of course, but apart from it being spectacularly difficult, why wouldn’t this be a promising location?

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