Well, the still active race for the para-reality show sweeps has washed a new one up on the beach – Travel Channel’s The Dead Files.

The premise is actually quite appealing – a self-professed psychic medium investigates claims of hauntings, while a retired New York detective digs into the location’s background. At the end (I guess commonly referred to now as “the reveal”), they come together (having not communicated during the entire exercise) and trade notes with the proprietor/homeowner.

The psychic in question, Amy Allan (who has been spied a number of times in various roles on ghost hunting/investigation shows – we first saw her on an early episode of A Haunting, playing herself in a re-enactment walkthrough) consistently relies on her “expertise” and “hundreds” of investigations during her walkthroughs and reveal sessions…but somehow, at least in all the episodes we’ve seen so far, seems to continually find something that she’s never seen before, or sensed before, usually playing up the fact that this case has something more evil, more uniquely dark, than all her other experiences.  She also grimaces and knots her fingers during her walkthroughs a bit like a middle-schooler unexpectedly called up to recap a previous night’s homework she didn’t bother to study. Gotta give it to the girl – she’s got the body language down.

The cop in question, Steve Di Schiavi, plays his part well, digging into home records and newspaper accounts relating the property in question. Apart from the somewhat needless and over-dramatized shots of him nodding with ominous affirmation at the information he receives during his interviews with historians and medical professionals, he seems straight-up and the real deal.

Inevitably, of course, the research sustains and affirms the impressions Amy gives out during her walkthroughs (filmed by an apparently skeptical camcorderist), and at the end of the reveal, she delivers advice (and sometimes warnings) to the behaunted.

The unspoken theme of the series is that Amy’s gifts can be validated through shoeleather research – something that medium-skeptics often (and rightly) complain is too often lacking in IR-lit ghost investigations. The problem, of course, is that Allan can’t help but over-dramatize pretty much everything, playing up the channeled sensations of violent death or the pure evil of her quarry. Demons, angryangryangry male figures, death, murder, suicide, rage…C’mon, aren’t ghosts ever there by choice, largely indifferent to the affairs of the living, in a good mood one day or a bad mood the next? For us, this is all playing up the sheer terror involved in these alleged hauntings, and that reeks of ratings.

Look…we don’t know if Amy Allan is the real thing or not. And maybe squirming and wincing and playing out channeled physical contortions is merely her way of expressing genuine psychic impressions. But the more she plays up the drama and horror-film creepiness of her investigations, the more the show comes across as a low-cost thrill ride, and the less we believe the alignment of Di Schiavi’s research with her impressions. For all the foibles of Ghost Hunters or GHI (and they ain’t perfect either), they are at least relentlessly in the moment, and the fact that some of their episodes are lethally boring suggests they are largely immune from cheap sensationalism, and merely all about evidence. (It is interesting that Allan always seems to catch the truly sinister, malevolent hauntings, and GH/GHI uniformly counsels their customers that there’s really nothing there to be afraid of. It’s also interesting to note that the Ghost Plumbers actually gather evidence of the paranormal, thin as it may be sometimes - neither Allan nor Di Schiavi ever do that. All we have is the customer’s claims of doors slamming, stuff moving, shadows, etc…and Allan’s validation that something is really there.)

As far as the strength of the Dead File’s premise, it relies on the fact that we are also expected to take it on faith that the whole thing isn’t pre-scripted;  but let’s be honest, we can’t hold that against either of the principals. We struggle to imagine a ghost hunting TV show that can fully and completely endorse itself free of cheating or scripted shenanigans. There is always a suspension of disbelief involved for TV shows, there has to be. For our money, The Dead Files strains it needlessly, perhaps merely because they work from a premise of actual validation of mediumship, and then play up the Holloywood.

There’s a decent story and an interview with the principals here, check it out.

We’ll continue to watch, skeptical that our concerns about its honesty can really be dispelled.  And hope that Amy Allan can actually find a ghost that’s just…a ghost.

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122 Responses to The Dead Files?

  1. Andy Frazier says:

    Kinda strange you posted this link. I actually read one main article about Poveglia the other day, and this was it. I’m pretty certain I read (not in the article) that the island is off limit to citizens, is this not accurate? Regardless, yes this writer and many of the comments did not enjoy the Ghost Adventures episode on their. One thing I have seen is that some people don’t like Zak Bagans. He’s loud, he does things like wear the doctor’s mask people would have seen at Poveglia, etc..Some people don’t like him. They are very popular and have the best ghost hunting show I’ve seen. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. I think I’m a pretty decent judge of human reactions, and upon seeing their reactions to their lockdowns, they don’t appear to be faking anything. The reason I like their show so much is that, first of all, I find them to be trustworthy and credible. Just my opinion. Then, combine that with the evidence they have caught, and it has peaked my interest. Not really sure what else to tell ya. If ghosts aren’t real, as you claim, then there are a whole lot of people lying their ass off. A whole lot of celebrities, many well respected, are just making up BS stories then. Now, listen CJ, I understand the concept of television, ok. Ghost Adventures, for example, is not some sitcom, these are guys spending an entire night, lockdown at what some people consider to be some of America’s most haunted locations. And then they document their findings. For someone who has posted this much on this blog, not really sure what doesn’t intrigue you about that. As far as UFOs, who knows. There are a bunch of incredible videos on youtube. Some stuff that really appears wild. But many could be hoaxes I’m sure. Many misidentifications as well. There is also a lack of evidence supporting UFOs being real, but part of that may be because of government cover ups, who knows. I’ve also seen a few shows with interesting NASA footage. Anyway, CJ, in closing, we can agree to disagree. Sorry if I was an ass at any point. I don’t usually get on blogs, but found this one amusing. What I find sometimes is that we as humans think that our opinion is right and cannot understand why someone else doesn’t see things the same way. Happens to me sometimes. My gut feeling is that some for of spirits/paranormal activity most certainly does exist, and we quite possibly are being observed by aliens, in these current times. Just my gut feeling. And, perhaps both of those thoughts are completely false, but just think about the amazing implications if both are true. I think you should try to open your mind and think about that sometime. You may not be so quick to declare that something doesn’t exist. If I have said that I know for a fact ghosts exist, then I take it back. My main point is that the show Ghost Adventures has presented such incredible findings throughout their run, that unless it’s a complete hoax, then something fascinating is going on out there

  2. Andy Frazier says:

    I forgot to mention a few thoughts on the link you posted. I did read over half of that article the other day. I looked at a lot of the pictures. I may have read the whole article. I will reread it in the next week or so and offer up any more thoughts if I think about it. From what I remember, clearly the writer did not like the GA episode. I don’t know anything about the writer or his motivations. I do think it’s best to keep in mind, as I think the article stated, how close Poveglia is to some wealthy Venice neighborhoods. In the GA Episode Zak supposedly gets partially possessed, to the extent that he got a huge tattoo on his upper back because of that event. So, gut feeling CJ, something crazy happened in there. People in Venice may not want that type of info being broadcast. A writer might take an opportunity to talk down about the episode, etc…I’m not saying that’s what happened, but these are certainly things to keep in mind. Also, this was almost 2.5 years ago, where Ghost Adventures didn’t have as much prowess on the “ghost scene” so to speak. So, really that article doesn’t really tell me too much. It did mention all of the human ash on the island, correct??? You still think no scientists have studied that CJ, an island made up of maybe almost half human ash?? no interest to scientists there? Start off your next post by answering this question, please. lol. Anyway, man, also, I didn’t hear one word in the article about the writer or whomever staying for any amount of time after darkness, CJ. So, frankly, not all that impressed. I will tell you what will impress me, you, or frankly anyone, spending the night, or even a few hours down there after dark and declaring that there’s nothing to see here. Post a link about that, and then you got something. The link you did post, not something

  3. LifeAfterDeath says:

    idk if amy allan is legit, but alot of the stuff she claims to see are legit, for example shadow beings, and they arnt human spirits, nor are they demonic evil spirits, when i was a kid i could see spirits etc, different stuff all the way from people that didnt exist up to demonic evil things, not really a religious person but you do get a vibe if something is evil or is out to do harm etc. wouldnt sleep by myself until i was 10 which was where i finally had cut my senses off from it, it was more so a nighttime thing during the day i had my moments of where id see things but at night i remember seeing a disembodied head that would fly around me in circles at night, yea when you’re a kid you dont know what to think and youre pretty positive nobody even your own family would believe, found out the hard way my brother couldnt see the things i could, also remember a tall crimson eyed cowboy looking figure which im assuming is a demon, either way i was born into some dark shit i just grew out of it, kinda wish i never had but i get better sleep now, its one thing to never experience anything and be skeptical i give all people that respect, but when or if shit happens to you, you better not deny that shit or be skeptical about it because it becomes something you acutally went through and it happened or some sort of reason, wild shit id like to meet amy allan just to verify whether she is real or not cuz if she was she wouldnt like to be around me very long lmao

  4. LifeAfterDeath says:

    i will also leave on this comment, when you’re sensitive to spirital stuff like on that serious of a level if definately makes you skittish and it isnt anything easy to get used to, i left my body before idk something was pulling me upwards out of my body, and yea those kind of things arnt cool at all, thats life and death shit and im only 23 whether you believe or not there is life after death on some level whether its on this planet (fuck that bs id hate to be stuck here) in space/the ethereal plane etc. just know that when you die, you wont be able to be skeptical or deny anything, actually at that point youll realize that this world is pretty pointless and youll more or less lose your bs ego that unfortunately humans naturally have

  5. fancyksr says:

    Who are you people and who gives you the right to pass any judgement?
    Are you psychic, let’s go have been since oh the age of two. You? Then can the criticism go about your drooling little lives and leave others alone. You my friends (term being used loosely) should stick to what you know, if anything at all.

  6. Marlan says:

    Everybody is entitled to have their own opinion. My personal view is, I DO BELIEVE, thanks God, never has seen a Ghost. But since I born I had encounter little, short, contact throught “coincidences”, “premonitions”, “distant communication”, a the like. As I grew older, thanks to a lot of reading, many of my childhood experiences, finally, found an answer.

    Iam Catholic, maybe the Church, will never accept my thinking, BUT GOD DO. TIME AND TIME AGAIN HE HAD PROOF ME, THAT HE DOESNT HAVE PROBLEM WITH IT.

    I try to do all the good I can (Iam a human, not saint), but the least I try. And, this is ‘vital”, KEEP MYSELF IN THE LIGHT….BECAUSE….THERE IS A DARK SIDE. No Doubt.

    I have the UTMOST respect for Mrs Allan, the detective, and Zak Bagan and his Crew. And for all people, that one way or another try to educate and take serious this very especial field.


  7. sandra krueger says:

    The simple “ghost meaning no harm” you speak of will never be revealed on Dead Files by Amy Allen. The reason (and there is one) is because Amy and her detective friend are sought out by the people they visit and work with because those people are having issues with menacing entities that are of concern to them… Think about it. No one’s going to be freaking out over casper the friendly ghost……

  8. janko gristovic says:

    in the name of entertainment i find the dead files entertaining
    otherwise it is all a great big put on, most psycics are
    remember the guy out of most haunted?
    amy could wear some more revealing outfits though,
    this would lift ratings!

  9. Amber says:

    I love this show. I have seen a ton of stuff about shows like this and I think it is the least scripted show, that is enjoyable and entertaining. I love the comparisons with the sketch artist. There is only so much that can be done to prove something is real. its about believing or not believing. Thats it. So if one does not believe in ghosts or spirits being left behind they should just watch something else.

  10. Elian Gonzalez says:

    The woman is clearly disturbed and needs professional help.

  11. cj says:

    Amy has discussed many ghosts on the show that are harmless. There have been eipsodes where she tells folks there is nothing to worry about, tell the lingering spirits to go if they bother you. She also suggests a cleansing, which is always a good thing for any environment (if you think cleansing is useless, don’t do it). I disagree with your flippant attitude towards the show, obviously Amy and Steve will only go on the worst cases in order to try and help people. GHI puts a priority on cases involving children as they see this as urgent. Often times GHI has suggested that kids aren’t seeing what they are reporting and I don’t like that attitude. I saw ghosts as a child and no one believed me either, so I learned to keep it to myself (not healthy). I currently have no ability to see anything, I effectively shut it all down as a kid that was not believed. Don’t mock what you don’t understand.

  12. Arwen says:

    First of all, I’m not sure why anyone on here would say that ghosts don’t exist, or that people “need help.” Why are you on a site like this? They may not exist for you, but that’s about as far as it goes. For those of us who have seen and felt ghosts and other entities, there’s often a need to know more. I like to watch a few of the shows to see what other people are experiencing. I’m not looking for “evidence” per se, since I have my own.

    I like The Dead Files… I find Amy’s walk-throughs interesting, as well as the sketches and tie-ins with Steve’s findings. I’m not a medium like her, so I always wonder what exactly it is that she’s seeing. It must be like scenes that are being played out, because her descriptions are often not of stationary beings. Oh, and Matt, who is the camcorder guy, is not a skeptic. Where did that come from? He’s Amy’s husband.

    Ghost Adventures….Zak, Nick, and Aaron…ah, I love their show! Just watching and listening to their reactions is worth it. Highly entertaining! They’re so loud that they probably scare off some of the ghosts before they can get the evidence for them.

    Ghost Hunters….I just recently began watching their show. They do get some good evidence and seem to be a credible team. It’s not as exciting to watch as GA, especially since the GH team is very quiet and methodical in comparison, but it’s still a very good show.

    A Haunting…is creepy with a big focus on evil entities such as demons. I sometimes want to switch the channel, or turn the tv off, but then I end up watching the whole episode with a kind of horrified fascination.

    Paranormal Witness….another one focused on various evil entities. I haven’t watched a couple of them recently because they’ve centered around dead criminals and victims. I just have no interest in seeing reenactments of violent crimes. Some of the other episodes in the past have been very interesting, though.

  13. Well I do know that psychic’s are real because things have happened to me in the past that have come true before they happened and I have seen a ghost in my life time, last year I had an experience the bus I was on, I am a bus monitor and something pulled on my bracelet and I thought maybe it was one of the kids on my bus when I went to look, it wasn’t a kid something else pulled on it , I also seen a shadow of a kid crawling in the seat of the bus.

  14. terri says:

    I dont know if it’s real or not but I do love watching these shows. What concerns me is why ghi and ga have evidence of shadows or some type of form on their dvrs but this show doesn’t show us what she sees (ghost not pic)? So I guess we’re suppose to just believe what she sees and feels I’m guessing. I’m not knocking her gift. I do have a open mind but sometimes we just want to see the evidence. The voices that were recorded on ghi and ga dont sound like anything to me, but maybe my hearing is way off. I just expect more and it’s hard to believe tv completely because they get paid for this entertainment unless I find out different. I also wonder why Amy and the other shows don’t try to help the spirits leave and go to a better place. I can’t imagine staying eternally where you died. Must be crazy to relive your death and stay in a place you fear to go elsewhere. It would be nice to see these spirits go to a better place if they can. If they’re evil, that’s a different thing. I’m curious about any recaps on the cases where the clients of amy telling them to leave. It’s not safe. It’s true you never really know for sure unless you experience ghosts to know for sure. That’s why there’s skeptics. They never had the ability to experience a ghost to not need any proof. Hats off to those who experienced seeing them but I wished you could of helped these ghosts, cause they don’t just show themselves for the heck of it. They need confirmation about any unsolved issue before they can move on. Maybe these shows can help those not to be afraid to help a ghost and how to rid the evil ones. Because people shouldn’t be driven out of their home because of one. Just my thought.

  15. Owl says:

    Nice review on Dead Files. I come here to read and enjoy the intelligence of the writing and the comments. I am a “professional psychic and Medium” … ( how I hate those words!).. and have been reading for people for over 20 years.I have been seeing and hearing as long as I can remember and my first recalled experience was at age 2. I really deplore these folks that do these shows. She is a “play Actress” and that is all. I was just asked what I thought of her by another sensitive in a group I am in and I have to tell you that my alarms go off with the “EEEVVIIILLLLL” ( with ominous echo) BS! As most of you will understand, We are an energy source in physical form. Energy has no bad or good, it only exists. As Human, with our limited understanding and emotion we create malevolence and benevolence. The “spirit world” or pure energy plane,as I like to refer to it, is wider and stronger than us and, yes, you can have a “Power Surge” happen when specific energies want your attention. I have been pushed down stairs, had a door bang me in the nose and a “scary” looking shadow creature approach me. Not to say the are not frightening happenings and as a human I get goosey bumps and jelly tummy, STILL! But, These are just all attempts to communicate and tell a needed story to get results. I have lived in several houses where heavy activity has happened and it is about listening, helping if one can, and living together with a minimum of breakage and fuss. She maybe be feeling residual fear of the resident, probably is and should flippin admit it… Please folks! Just Ignore the BS shows and educate self! Peace in all planes.. Owl

  16. JenAMorrell says:

    I agree with Sandra (above). I also am not understanding why you feel it necessary to rip Amy apart. Her style is her style.

  17. admin says:

    Hi, thanks for visiting and for sharing your thoughts. We wrote this blog post quite some time ago, so we re-read it and frankly, after seeing many episodes since then, I would have to concede that we still stand by our original impressions of the program. I would respectfully dispute the notion that we’re ‘ripping Amy apart’ – for what she does, she does it quite effectively. I think our chief complaints about the program are that it is far too rigorously scripted, it is sometimes laughably over-dramatic, and as far as paranormal phenomena goes, presents very little credible evidence for the viewer. They do say in most of the episodes’ preamble that they are not ghost hunters, and I’m glad that they make that concession. But the increasingly menacing and threatening nature of the spirits that she claims to channel strain credulity. We have yet to encounter an episode where her material facts are way off-base, or where she claims NOT to be able to validate the presence of a spirit. In this context, we find some problems with the program’s credibility. It was once said by Carl Sagan, “Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.” Her claims grow seemingly more extraordinary by the week, and yet her evidence for those claims remains extremely tenuous.

  18. stuffin says:

    I think you people have no idea what ur talking about. You dont talk to the dead, nor have you had any expeirence in that feild or youd know it wasnt bs.
    How I know is you claimed you didnt know is GA is real, rate there states you never felt, nor seen a ghost, shadow, or other precence.
    I have an open mind but not gullable, but I dont claim shits fake rate off the bat. Its unbeleivable cause u dont understand, but that dosent mean its fake. I hate people like that, its ignorance and when ur souls trapped and ur stuck in your deathstate your gonna be praying for someone like her, forever. Literly. Do more research or pay… muuuww hahahahahahahah. Bogie D, woogady.

  19. stuffin says:

    And the facts match up cause its real. If they didnt match up u tards would say” oh shes fake, she.dosent know what shes talking about cause its not true”. Am i right??/ ps dont give out real e mails these people are not smart so thell prob do somtjong stupid. Id be a curse on them but tjats bad karma. So do it for me

  20. SYLVIA says:

    I wonder how old she is? I can’t find that online anywhere.

  21. Dan says:

    I have no doubt Amy is the real deal. I’ve admired her ababilities and her investigative approach to the paranormal ever since the 1st time I saw her on the Discovery channel in the early 2000′s. She is a very gifted medium and I’d bet she’d be cool to have a beer with. I think it’s important that people take her seriously because she could change lives for the better on both planes of existence.

  22. Creeper says:

    Just watched a new episode. Amy claims longed necked hunch-back critters she saw could be “aliens from another dimension.” This does hold true with the above article. Yes Amy is over-dramatic, but this is not proof of dishonesty. It may be her effort to show concern and captivate, for example. In addition, the people they come to help most always seem too sincere to doubt, to me.

  23. Patti says:

    As a extreme realist, a person who has enlightened their being , studied behaviors , history, scientific facts so I will doubt.
    I have just recently started to watch this show and I do believe that Amy is sharing her ability to see & feel the spirits, plus those who are nay sayers first need to do some homework and educate themselves of the facts from many incredible, real life stories and energies.
    I absolutely believe in her ability, as a person who studies behaviors I am watching with a fine tooth comb, but her physical & erratic motions are not something scripted.
    If you can find a video on-line about a young boy in UK and his knowledge of a fighter pilot in a World War, the other crew member, the being shot down and you will see watching this English lad who will open your minds

    There are many examples of spiritual energy, karma, negative and positive.

    Please enlighten oneself….

    …Socrates Daughter…

  24. admin says:

    Thx for sharing your thoughts. I’m curious what you would choose to cite as examples of ‘spiritual energy’.

    As for enlightenment….I’m skeptical that Amy Allan is likely to provide much, but we probably disagree. In any case, I would humbly suggest that you should self-enlighten your way, and we’ll self-enlighten our way.

  25. Manon Daneau says:

    Hello! Can you tell me in wich episode of A Haunting did Amy Allan was on? than you.

  26. anne scott says:

    My issue is this… as much as i am a huge paranormal fan, and watch just about all of them…esp A Haunting, Paranormal Witness, et, Dead Files is a favorite..However, I have come to notice many times, that it is when Steve happens to find an old photo of a dead person who lived or had some thing to do with the haunted location, it is only then that Amy is able to have a likeness of that person drawn, otherwise, it is of beings she supposedly sees during her walk throughs. the other thing is, often times, her expression of surprise when Steve verifies the crime or trauma that Amy supposedly picks up on during her walk through, is seemingly over exaggerated and a bit too much. why does she seem that surprised if she claims to see it herself?
    And just how do we know her husband, Matt, or the producers or crew don’t give her some info? It’s not like that hasn’t been done before on other shows!

    I hate to think people can like on such a large scale like this for a tv show, but i guess anything is possible. no one knows a thing for sure. believers will discredit all the logical explainations from skeptics, because they just want to.
    I badly want to believe, but i am at the point now where i have to know for sure by having my own experience.

  27. robin says:

    Why even comment if you don’t believe? I’m a spiritual person but never ever push my beliefs on anyone. Sorry folks but Amy is the real deal. I have a friend just like her. She can open herself before going somewhere and is very accurate and is always exhausted after and had even been hospitalized for illness that can’t be explained. I don’t understand how people say they believe in this or that but are such skeptics when it comes to ghosts or spirits. I think it’s hypocritical to say you believe in God etc but not believe in spirits that doesn’t make sense to me. If you believe in heaven, hell and pergatory then you need to at least entertain the idea that spirits can stay, be trapped or refuse to move on and if you believe in hell then the devil and demons are all part of that. The evidence that Zak, Aaron and Nick have presented over the years is pretty compelling. Millions believe in something after death so why do you so easily dismiss people like Amy and evidence that investigators like Ghost Adventures Ghost Hunters and others bring to light. It just tells me that although some people say they are religious they are hypocrites. Geneticist’s have proven we have a gene in our dna called BMAP2 or ” the God gene “. It’s real and can also be inherited even if none of your parents or other family members believed in God or not. People still argue of creation vs evolution but remember it is the ” THEORY “of evolution, theory not fact I’m just saying!

  28. robin says:

    I just have to comment back to Ann Scott, Amy and others like her don’t see things like we do everyday. My friend explained it that it’s like watching a blurry old film that has a lot of stuff missing and you get really fast snapshots of things and sometimes a whole bunch of people trying to talk to you at once and all this happens in just moments and she had to try and make sense of it and sort it out then piece it back together. I myself am what’s called a Sensitive but I sense animals more than people in also Empathic (my friend is as well) which means we feel people’s emotion and pain literally. We both suffer from terrible migraines but usually get then when we are sensing someone else’s emotion or pain. My daughter also had this. We live in different states over 2000 miles apart but we know when something is happening to each other and will be on the phone trying to call each other at the same timeI know it sounds nuts we don’t know why this happens but it does and we have accepted it. We don’t typically tell anyone about it we can’t control when it happens. We can’t tell the future and I personally think that so called “psychics” who say they can tell you what is going to happen to you are full of whoha! No one can predict the future if they could we would all be rich! You can determine some sort of outcome based on a set of circumstances but that’s about it. I think everyone believes in something and that’s good. My faster always said he was an athiest but talked about being able to see my brother (he passed in 2001) when he died (he passed away in 2011). And other people who say they don’t believe you will hear them use the phrases “oh my God”, or ” Jesus Christ ” I always think that’s kind of funny. My mother taught me “live and let live” and that’s what I do.

  29. admin says:

    Well, there’s a difference between believing in spirits, and believing everything that Amy Allan presents on this program. The paranormal/spiritual world is, and has been, full of fakery and charlatans and carefully scripted theater. We have been investigating ghosts and haunted locations for years; we’ve encountered signs of paranormal activity, AND we’ve encountered fake mediums, fake spiritualists, ouija board nonsense and so forth.
    You mentioned God; it is perfectly reasonable to believe in God and NOT believe in the integrity of some who invoke His name or purport to tell us what He thinks, isn’t it?
    We find Amy Allan’s program to be too tightly scripted to be credible each and every week. We would delighted to see program where she spends an hour walking through a house and declaring (as is very often the case) that there are NO spirits investing the property; merely the desperate projections of a family or an individual in crisis, whether it be a troubled child, a troubled marriage or external pressures in the household. But that wouldn’t make for very interesting television, would it?
    We comment because we believe the study of paranormal phenomena should have integrity and be as tireless in validating genuine phenomena as it is in exposing fraudulence.
    Please don’t don’t mistake our skepticism about The Dead Files for skepticism about the afterlife or paranormal phenomena. Amy Allan may be the Real Deal; if so, this program is not a very convincing vehicle for her abilities.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  30. Roseann says:

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  31. Marilyn Gj says:

    I like both of them. Of any ghost hunting show I have seen, their’s is the best put together. They admit it isn’t done in an hour, that each person does their part, then they put it together. I like both of them, and Amy is far more credible than many.

  32. Marilyn Gj says:

    To Sylvia: My guess is she is around 40.

  33. Sparky says:

    Everything I’ve read about “ghosts” purports they come into existence usually from a traumatic event or a tremendous attachment of some kind, both conditions supposedly not being exactly what one might consider “pleasant”, so of course a medium, if real, is going to encounter these types of spirits. I don’t think these ghosts are having a great time at all, they all seem to be in some degree of torment or at least very unhappy and therefore usually unpleasant to deal with.

  34. debbie says:

    To all 0f you heres your proof of ” fake a _ _ amy allan ” she started on a haunting way back when only one or two episodes and the only thing she did was go in get evps which we all can ! then she had to call in a medium because she wasn’t a medium ! wow go figure lmaooo that’s Hollywood :) entertainment is great and steves the only part that’s not fake on that show!

  35. debbie says:

    Oh and I do wanna say I do believe spirits and ghost I live with them everyday they are nice ones and there are true mediums out there ! I can just imagine what “fake a _ _ amy allan ” would say if she came to my home lol bet there evilll and in the loft jerking off loved that episode ! haha

  36. Tina says:

    I am amused to find the passionate supporters of Amy Allan on here have the audacity to call people who are being sensibly realistic ‘ignorant’ because we don’t blindly believe the ramblings of a self proclaimed psychic. This Amy Allan Army – as I like to refer to them as , scare me. It reminds me of the witch hunts of the 1600′s where someone just had to pretend to speak in tongue and accuse a neighbour they didn’t like of spiritual attack and the whole village would hang an innocent victim – hundreds of years later and we still have people that blindly and passionately follow the words of a self proclaimed psychic. I would normally not waste my time commenting on this subject but what worries me is the effect the TV show has on the families that are on this show.
    If these families are genuine, with genuine needs, then I am truly concerned with the advice which Amy Allan gives these clients. The cleansing rituals are so obscure that there would be no way possible for ordinary people to get the help they need. Ignorant fans have actually attacked a previous family who was on the show because they ‘stupidly didn’t followed Amy’s advice!’ – Sorry, but they were having a hard time looking up a medium who should happen to be a grief psychologist too (I mean.. Really??) in the yellow pages..
    My only hope is that the TV show is so tightly scripted that the families aren’t real. I would hate for these poor people to have to endure troubling paranormal activity and then be left with the backlash that The Dead Files would create – Amy’s obscure advice which cannot be properly carried out thus creating more disappointment and anxiety coupled with hard core fans that attack them negatively for their inability to act on the obscure advice.. This TV show has a moral obligation to the people that appear on it.
    Oh, and did you know the very first episode Evil In Eeriville – the homeowner Elvis, is an actor? He appeared on LA Ink as a dodgy contractor.. On that first episode he said he was a designer not an actor ( just in case you were wondering.)
    I used to be a big fan of the show, but I’m not stupid, and I don’t follow things blindly, and now I am simply concerned for the families that appear on the show – and the worringly fanatical (and at times, ignorant and nasty) fans that are growing in numbers and lashing out at open minded skeptics who have every right to write reviews on the show!

  37. admin says:

    Wow, that was quite a rant there, Tina, but we must largely agree with you.

    If you’ve read through the responses to this original post, you’ll see that we’ve taken our fair share of ‘dissent’ on the subject of TDF , and frankly I would say our position on the program has grown even more toxic in the couple of years since we first posted on the subject.

    I think we need to look at this as television. Middle-aged women with family problems, usually initiated or exacerbated by a move to new property, confronted initially with some shamanistic jabber and ominous sketches (and sometimes the threat that their resident spirits actually WANT TO KILL THEM), then comforted that there is a way to resolve the problem. Usually with a dabble of obscure powder and maybe the services of a ‘chaos magician’, whatever the hell that is. Has anyone ever actually met a chaos magician?

    They make it clear that they are not ghost hunters. And we agree – while most paranormal teams are irretrievably invested in the common mythologies of ‘energies’ and tortured spirits and base their entire processes on dumb pseudo-science, at least they’re LOOKING for something. And they (and we) occasionally find something of note. TDF is merely cheap, scripted, posed exploitation. In some cases the property may be haunted – we suspect in most cases, they are not.

    In any case, it fails as theater because its so tediously and predictably scripted week to week, it fails as paranormal research because little beside the property history is researched at all, and it fails at family psychology, because it inevitably blames intra-family problems on unseen forces and unproven paranormal phenomena.

    We do watch it from time to time, we admit, but it bears little in common with our experience as paranormal investigators, and frankly, to regard it as anything like serious paranormal inquiry would be an obscenity.

  38. Tanya says:

    I found the show refreshing in that Amy uses different religions to help cleanse houses. I always thought it pompous that church alone could send spirits on especially when a spirit maybe pre Christian. I work as a Wiccan so a Christian priest is not someone I am going to be identifying with if I was the ghost in question. I know quite a few mediums and have been present on many a ghost hunt as researcher and believe me when a medium has it pinned down their face does become rubber, they experience what a dead person has gone through. No medium sets out to make themselves look idiotic they know they have a reputation at stake and that many will see them as freaks. It so easy to dismiss this subject when no personal experiences have been had. But if a person has has an experience no one can tell them they did not and could not had that experience because its so darn real. Amy really has nothing to gain here herself when she has to experience the trauma of deceased beings be under scrutiny from the public and the oh so fact all knowing sceptic. However when these sceptics do have a frightening episode I can guarantee the first person they will run to when troubled is a medium as many churches will shut the door in a persons face. I have seen it happen time and again. So hats off also to the clergy who do listen. We are taught in all religions that spirits and demons exist and most of us belong to some belief culture. So what ever anyone thinks of Amy the ghosts are here to stay. Therefore mediums are needed. What do we the living know of death? Nothing until we get there. Not one person on this planet is qualified to say the spirit world does not exist.

  39. Marisol says:

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  40. Gary says:

    @debbie – On the episode of A Haunting that I saw, Amy stated quite clearly that she was a physical medium. The other psychics on the show had different abilities. I believe most of the troubles on the show are psychological personally. Maybe you should actually learn what you’re talking about before before spouting off and typing your overly dramatic lols, hahaha, and lmao’s, hahaha.

  41. J.B. says:

    This show is hilarious. I like to have it on in the background so that I can occasionally look up and see Amy Allan making a face I would have assumed isn’t even humanly possible. I don’t know if she’s psychic, but her wandering around in the dark and cursing like a 14 year old girl, with the inexplicable grainy cam footage from the useless cameraman, who himself being filmed by the real camera crew, interspersed with Steve’s slack-jawed perma-WTF expression on his face provides just enough fodder for me to keep watching.

    “There’s something dark here.” Right. Everything is dark, the ghosts, the demons, any environment Amy inhabits, generally. Why do you always film the spook tour at night? It’s not like anything ever actually happens anyway. Are psychic powers affected by the sun, or light bulbs for that matter?

    These are the questions that have no answers because it’s just more fun that way. I hope The Dead Files gets a thousand seasons, and Amy gets to narrate about floor goblins and brick powder and cat demons or whatever the hell else from beyond the grave for a nice, long eternity; seems only right. Shadow people! Warlocks! Repressed PTSD from sexual assault perceived as ghost rape! Wheee!

    Also, for all the alcoholics out there, there’s a million drinking games that can be played with this show. If alcohol’s not your thing, I recommend weed. Like a lot a lot a lot of weed. Enjoy!

  42. Alas, Amy Allan’s skills seem to be limited to using Google (and overacting). That’s all that is going on here.


  43. Kriste says:

    Amy Allen and the dead files remind me of paranormal state. It is always something BAD! I am a real medium that works with a paranormal team in California. If I am able to communicate in a investigation then it is great! But sometimes I am not always able to. I can assure you that not everything is always bad. Tv is not always real, especially things like this show.

  44. Kristie, well that makes a lot of sense, really. I think Amy is first an actress and second a medium… IF she is one. She says in her bio she’s been psychic all her life but it doesn’t seem like there’s anything to back that up until she got this gig. And the constant flow of evil spirits in Amy’s world is rather off-putting, to say the least. As you said, you don’t always get something. Amy has Google-related “impressions” for every show. As entertainment, it’s mildly interesting. But I also think it could be a net negative because 1) People see that and expect an actual psychic will perform the same, and 2) Amy’s world view gives the impression that there are evil spirits everywhere. And I do see that as potentially harmful.

  45. Katlyn V says:

    Amy Allan claims to be a “sensitive” (a term used instead of empath because when you tell someone you’re empathic they don’t know what the hell that means). She definitely has all of the movements and expressions down but that could easily be done by studying those whom actually have those gifts. I’m an Earth Empath. When I come onto a piece of property or land I do not speak, nor do I usually see dead people. I immediately feel uneasy to the point of a panic attack and have to leave the area. I’ve been kept from properties by animals, animals that are usually territorial and when feel threatened they attack. They keep me from the homes or properties not by attacking but forming a barricade when someone without my abilities can walk right passed the animals. I can feel the pressure of any presence, not seeing anything but feeling an overwhelming sense that myself or someone else may be hurt. The fact that these places don’t completely scare the sh*t out of her and make her want to leave is the biggest red flag to me.

  46. ken c says:

    I’ve watched the show from the onset. Over the last two seasons, I’ve noticed that the entities that Amy is supposedly encountering, have gone from your garden variety ghosts & demons, to different types of monsters or beings that no other psychic medium that I’ve heard from has ever reported seeing. It was widely reported that the psychic, John Edwards, had someone in his employ, visit the home of the person who he was to give a reading before his actual visit. The purpose was to have them scout out the family’s photos & other items that would give John needed information. In The Dead Files, Amy’s assistant, Matt, does a walk through to “remove or cover” the same type of items so as to not tip off Amy. I think he takes a mental note of some of these items and reports it back to her. Also, wouldn’t it at least LOOK better if
    Steve did his investigation after Amy documented her findings, and not 10-15 hours before her walk through?

  47. Susie says:

    Why worry about it all now? We will all find out when we get to the other side. ☺

  48. George says:

    I will share my thoughts on Amy based on some of my experiences, which include the paranormal.

    As for my experiences, I very rarely talk about them, because if you know what I’m talking about you know, and others would just think you’re crazy.

    First off, I’ve only watched 5-6 episodes of her show because I cannot stand her affectations and the repetitive style of the production. That said, I mostly believe her. I know my experiences to be real and the specific terminology she uses and descriptions of what she sees accurately describes what I’ve experienced. So either she is for real or has done in-depth research that I myself cannot find actively looking.

    The main problem for real… mediums, psychics, sensitives… whatever, is that you spend most of your life wondering quietly if the unbelievable s&^t you see is real, or if you have a chemical imbalance, or just plain have a broken brain.
    Usually there is no evidence even for you. If you are of a scientific mindset like myself you can ‘reason’ a dozen different plausible explanations for your perceived experiences.
    I was fortunate to finally confirm after some 30+ years that I’m not crazy or delusional. This came in the form of corroboration from someone else with the same ability as myself being able to witness and describe the same paranormal activity right there as it was being perceived by both of us, ongoing, for nearly a week in one situation alone and later on many occasions. Eventually leading to what could only be considered as physical evidence (more later).

    I’d like share that in my personal and direct acquisition of knowledge (not read or watched, but first hand) I have found that different mediums/psychics etc. seem to tap into a ‘section’ of a greater spectrum of perception. For example, some mediums more easily see dead spirits (people), while others better perceive the ‘demonic’ and entities that are definitely not and have never been human. So I can see why some psychics like an above poster firmly believes Amy is fake while still wholeheartedly believing she herself is real. They are not mutually exclusive, they may both see differently yet accurately their piece of the ‘spectrum’.
    I do not know if there are more sections to the spectrum, but I can see and intuit both the demonic and the human spirit (harder for me the human spirit, though when well connected it’s almost a full blown conversation with images included). The person I was able to confirm my perceptions with could only perceive the demonic, not the human spirit at all ever.
    Anyway, too long to give details here, but it is my opinion that Amy is real based on my own findings and her precise descriptions and terminology. Despite her stup- unfortunate facial expressions and the shows production values.

    Also, I predict in time science will be able to devise techniques or machines to ‘see’ the other side, at least the demonic. I base this on the fact that under a situation of duress an entity left physical evidence behind, leading me to believe that they can physically (molecularity perhaps) on some level interact with our world/dimension, are not completely inert to us, and therefore science in time should be able to actually detect them once they know what to look for.

    And for the record; I’m not religious (spiritual yes… can’t not be, but not religious) and yes, there is an actual conflict between what can be described as good and evil (or shadow and brightness). It’s humbling, scary and disturbing.

  49. George says:

    @Chriss Pagani-
    As it pertains to the “constant flow of evil spirits in Amy’s world is rather off-putting”, you’re watching a show where people actively called Amy because they were being terrified by some entity, likely not benevolent on average. She’s not a paranormal investigator that may or may not find evidence. She claims to be psychic/medium, she’ll always get a hit by the nature of her skill or they won’t air the show.

    “Amy’s world view gives the impression that there are evil spirits everywhere.”
    While I cannot account for Amy’s world view, may I respectfully share my own for your consideration?
    I do not find that there are evil ‘entities’ everywhere. But I can with certainty state that there are locations that are completely overridden with dark (read evil) entities to the extent that they seem like fortresses garrisoned by an army, hierarchy included. These can encompass entire towns and my research afterwards has uncovered higher rates of suicides, cultist tendencies and other abnormalities. I know how it sounds, but I’m sharing openly for those lacking directly in this knowledge.

    While I’m not actually defending Amy, I am stating that I’ve heard nobody else describe the above ‘army of darkness’ as I’ve seen it except her. If she’s a fake she’s managed to describe well the more incredulous aspects of what I know to be true. That would be an impressive coincidence is all.

  50. admin says:

    Thanks for a thoughtful and interesting comment to this (now almost-epic) thread, George.

    Because of the nature of the program, I would say that it’s next to impossible to determine if she is genuinely possessed of psychic abilities. We regard the program as sadly scripted performance art, pivoting on some rather ordinary crises commonly associated to middle-aged women. Family discord, moving to a new property, adolescent children and their mood swings, house-poor financial issues, etc.

    It may well be that genuine psychics cannot truly demonstrate their abilities through the medium of television, since the possibility of fraud is always so high. But with the tight scripting, formulaic production and (you gotta admit) frequently absurd ‘reveals’, TDF is at best doing a disservice to genuine psychics, and at worst playing us all for idiots.

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