The haunted mirror

We caught this bit on CNN this morning, and found it a bit amusing.

According to their eBay listing, it all started when one of them saw that the building’s landlord had put the old hallway mirror out on the lawn as rubbish. So, being resourceful, he retrieved it, added some silver paint and leaned it up against their wall above the radiator.

Soon after that, things supposedly got weird.

“We both experienced what I can only describe as intense sharp stabbing pains,” the sellers wrote to prospective buyers. “They would strike us both at the same time.”

The two flatmates also complained of waking up completely drained of energy, screaming in the early morning hours with horrible feelings of impending doom.

Admittedly, we do not have much experience with the “haunted stuff” thing, and unsurprisingly to most who read our pages, we’re a bit skeptical of the whole notion that inanimate objects contain, and presumably can spontaneously unleash, spirit activity. A lot of paranormal researchers are quite convinced of the┬áreality of this phenomena (see: John Zaffis and Haunted Collector)…but once we see that a price tag and an eBay pitch come along with the proposition, our steaming-pile detector starts flashing.

If you have any firsthand experience with this sort of thing, please do share in Comments or in the forum.

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