DSC_4614One of a number of interesting images we captured while on our recent trip to England – this one was in York.  Sharon captured this very odd image on her Nikon D5000 as were exiting our favorite pub there – Thomas’s  - after dinner on our first night there.

The center of the photograph is the famed York Minster, one of the greatest medieval cathedrals in all of Europe, dating to the seventh century AD.  But what’s that odd misty image on the right?

It should be noted that York traces its history all the way to the Romans of the first century AD (there are carved Roman sarcophagi in the museum park, no more than three hundred yards from where this photo was shot), and a few people we have shown this to insist they see a Roman chariot and rider. Matrixing, maybe, but this one definitely caught own attention.

It should also be noted that Thomas’s itself is allegedly crazy haunted. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to investigate there..

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