This photograph was sent to us by a reader a few days ago, who asked if we’d have a look and render an opinion. It was captured on an IR security cam outside his property (we’re withholding his name and location at his request…)

His girlfriend and some co-workers are a bit freaked out by it.

Now, our original take, after some review, is that it appears to be a drop of moisture on the camera lens, which loses its shape as it moves downward over the surface of the lens (convex, presumably). Normally a streaming video camera, the owner had some problems with his camera rig and set it to only capture stills, so this is the only frame he has of this anomaly. He reports no unusual activity at his house, so he has no reason to believe his place is haunted.

The one odd thing, in a follow-up email he sent us, is that he reports there is no sidewalk or yard light at this location, so the primary light source (the bright speck at the center of the veiled image) is itself a bit of a mystery.

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Interesting photo – what do you think?

  1. Kristine says:

    My thoughts on this are…I’d say you are correct in your ideas of the image being a speck of moisture on the cameras lens. What is less mysterious is that the source of the light is definitely from the vehicles headlights. As the brightest spot lines up perfectly with the rest of the vehicle. Also you can see a faint illumination at the vehicles rear, presumably the red back/parking lights that would be turned on automatically while headlights are on.
    The thing most difficult to explain is how the moisture is able to catch the light and appear as if it is much closer to the car. I can’t presume that is normal, but it doesn’t immediately appear to be paranormal.

  2. admin says:

    We think it’s just an unusual pattern of moisture sliding down over the security camera lens, distorting the reflected light in a somewhat curious manner. And that’s what we told the fellow who sent it to us.

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