jeMy Facebook feed keeps throwing up a breathless announcement that John Edward is coming to Denver, and that I should  buy my tickets now!



His website says “Communicate. Appreciate. Validate. Evolve.”

OK, then.

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2 Responses to I’m getting a J

  1. dana says:

    Regarding your piece on Amy Allen. In her defense – I can understand questioning her physical discomfort – if you have not experienced it. By way of info – Their is an entity who enters my body, as she puts it ,periodically – It is not really painful – but it affects the solar plexus making it impossible to breath temporarily.- and hard to stand up . I would not doubt that she is strongly affected. physically. It happens. –Also -Love John Edwards. Lived in Boulder for awhile-great place.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Dana – thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. We continue to be ‘Dead Files’ skeptics, as much for its tight adherence to format as for AA’s credibility, which we believe is not helped by the program’s week-to-week sameness. As for John Edward – we know he has a lot of fans. We wouldn’t count ourselves among them. Please do stop by again, and thanks !

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