A shot of the VERY creepy Masonic Cemetery at Central City, from a ghost hunt we did up there a few years back.

For all our Colorado pals, our friend Stephanie Waters is hosting the 3rd Annual Spirits of Colorado Paranormal Convention next Saturday (September 14), this year up at Central City. Despite the gambling casinos (all pretty low-key) and blue-haired lady buses, Central City is one of Colorado’s best Victorian mining towns, with history oozing from every street and back alley. We think it’s a great location (nothing against Cripple Creek, where the convention was held last year) and this year should be the best yet. From Steph’s website,

Come for one day or stay the entire weekend! All seminars and events are priced separately and payable directly to the instructor at the door. All seminars are about an hour long and cost 5.00 each, CASH ONLY, PLEASE. Approximately six venues and thirty choices within one block walking distance. There will a half hour interval between each event. Historical tours presented by the B.P.O. Elk’s Club and the Gilpin County Historical Society, will be featured throughout the day.

 Evening Events Run between 60 to 90 minutes and will cost $5.00-10.00 each. Professional Paranormal Investigations will be held at various locations. There will be an old morgue seance, cemetery walk, and haunted history tours. All events and sessions are cash only and will be paid directly to the presenter. Professional psychic readers are priced individually.
You can register at the website we’ve linked above – the nice thing about this convention is that you can participate as much or as little as you like. Attend a class or two, tag along on a cemetery ghost hunt or take a ghost tour thru the town.
Steph asked us to do a class this year, but after some hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing, Sharon and I couldn’t really agree on a good topic (we did have some ideas), so we thought we’d give up our spot to someone else. But we do plan to attend, and may be helping with a cemetery ghost hunt. We’ll be around, so look for us !
Oh, and don’t forget to get Steph to sign a copy of her new book, Colorado Legends and Lore: The Phantom Fiddler, Snow Snakes and Other Tales  for you. She’s a terrific writer and this is her best work yet.



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3 Responses to Spirits of Colorado Paranormal Convention 2014

  1. doudou says:

    it is nice day

  2. Richard says:

    Will there be a Spirts of Colorado Paranormal Convention in 2016?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Richard, there will be (and we’ll likely be there). They’re still working out details, but they do have a Facebook page (named: Spirits of Colorado Paranormal Convention), or you can keep an eye on these pages and we’ll throw up a post as soon as we get details as well.

    Thanks for reading !

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